The Guardian writes about the Greek island of Tinos

• Category: News
In her article in the British newspaper The Guardian, journalist Rachel Howard states her own experience on the Greek island of Tinos: It is not like other Greek islands... Sandy bays, seaside taverns, and 50-odd villages lodged in the folds of thyme-scented hills are blissfully crowd-free. Chapels and churches speckle the landscape, their bell towers easily mistaken for the island's trademark dovecotes. Only two hours by high-speed ferry from Athens and a 15-minute ride from Mykonos, Tinos has been saved from mass development by the Panagia Evangelistria monastery, one of the holiest sites in Greece. The food is so good... maybe because 90% of visitors are Greeks; the Athenian architects and actors who retreat to their villas in Tinos at weekends won't settle for microwaved moussaka. The villages so peaceful and everything is homemade. The journalist of The Guardian newspaper goes on describing with much enthusiasm this Greek island, which was not made by human hand.