PolyPhoniK 2019

Jul 23, 2019 — Jul 28, 2019 • Category: Events

It’s time to discover the absolute radio listening experience!
Greece and France combine their music and radio heritage to the 1st PolyPhonik Festival that takes place this July at Tinos island!
PolyPhoniK is a festival dedicated to music and radio listening. It will be held in Tinos island, Greece in July 2019 and it’s the result of a French-Hellenic collaboration. It is based on the organizers' desire to set up an authentic festival experience based on a common denominator: the enjoyment of the radio listening.
This French-Greek effort begins with a common belief: radio listening, sound, and music are a very effective way to bring together cultures, as it is not necessarily important to understand a language in order to enjoy the beauty of a voice, of a sound, of a music vibration. The organizers of Polyphonic are trying just, for one thing, to promote their common desire to create a music event similar to no other. 
Polyphonik festival is based on the successful work done in France since 2003 at the "Longueur d'ondes" festival.
Find out more here: https://koumarostheatre.gr//polyphonik-1-event/