Carmen in the streets of Tinos

Jul 27, 2008 — Jul 27, 2008 • Category: Events
On the 27th of July the famous opera Carmen will be presented in the island of Tinos in a very special way. The Opera lab Athens productions has organized something really unique for this Cycladic island, since some of the renowned parts of Bize's play will be presented as an original street opera, with twelve lyric singers and twenty Tinian women in the choir taking part in it. According the contributors of the show, "the initial aim of this was to make Greek public understand that opera is not only for those familiar of this music kind, but for all people. Particularly when it takes place on the street it sounds very natural along with the sounds of the environment". Professor of lyric song Zyl Desino, founder of the first Opera lab in Hamburg and the one who conceived the idea for Carmen, stated that particular scenes of the play have been chosen, so as to be presented in the square of Tinos town. Even the most irrelevant viewer will be able to understand the plot. The dialogues have been translated in Greek and the arias are in French.