Alopronoia Village in Sikinos

Information About Alopronoia

Alopronoia Village Sikinos: Alopronoia or Ano Pronia village is a small picturesque port located at the southeastern part of Sikinos, about 4 km from Chora, the capital of Sikinos. The population of Alopronoia counts about 50 people.

At first sight, Alopronoia gives the impression of a semicircular bay. On the left end of Alopronoia bay, there is a pier for the fish boats, and in the middle, there is a sandy beach with a good number of hotels and taverns.

The busy fishermen with open fishing nets, the shining sand, beautiful taverns and colourful boats at the bay, the whitewashed houses and the scrubby and rocky land at the backdrop, all these set the landscape of Alopronoia.

Alopronoia is known for its intense fishing activity during August to December. The villagers use a special kind of bait called "kaftero" and fish for squids at night.

Alopronoia is the centre of tourist activities in Sikinos. Here is where the heart of the nighlife beats while visitors will definitely enjoy music, wine and food. Ofcourse there are no clubs here, maybe some taverns with live music found on the waterfront. Sikinos offers a moderate entertainment and, at the same time, presents one of the most serene and tranquil holidays to the tourists.

Alopronoia beaches are clean and pristine. They offer complete privacy. Swimming and snorkeling are the main water sports arranged for the tourists. There are tour boats that can get you to the isolated beaches of this island.

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