Cleaning of the paths and beaches

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They are taking care of small, isolate islands and comes to replace the state, when the state doesn't do its duty. We talk about the Greek Cultural Mountaineering Association of Fili in Athens that this summer has decided to clean and protect Sikinos, one of the purest and more traditional islands of the Aegean. Every summer, the members of this Association organizes cleaning projects in most Greek islands and protected areas. In the previous years, it was Amorgos, Sifnos, Nisyros and Chalki that were taken care of, but this summer it is the turn of Sikinos. From June 25th to August 5th, this Association has scheduled trips to Sikinos to clean its paths and villages from dry herbage. With the help of the locals, this Association will clean paths of 8,5 km long, beaches and valleys. This way the island will be more protected from fires and will look more pristine that it is. The Association will also organize cultural events and will take place in local festivals, in a effort to promote the special cultural identity of this small, yet precious island.