Sikinos Feasts 2008

Aug 02, 2008 — Aug 16, 2008 • Category: Events

The Feasts of Sikinos begin on the 2nd of August with the “Documentary Days” that includes Greek and foreign documentaries in cooperation with the international film festival ECOCINEMA.
Saturday 2 to Monday 4 August – Athens Shadow Theater “Karagiozis” in the Chora Primary School
Thursday 5 to Wednesday 6 August – Acrobat dance show by the Argentinean Camilo Bentacor and his team, at the old School
Thursday 7 August – Piano Concert by the soloist Ulugbek Palvanov from Berlin, in the Pantanassa Square on Chora
Friday 8 August – Night Sky Observations by the Corfu Astronomic Company and speeches by the members, at the ancient Church of Episkopi
Satyrday 9 to Sunday 10 August – Feast with traditional songs by Marios Papdeas and his Santouristas group
Monday 11 August – 3 dance shows “Henry Purcell”, “No More Shall We Part” and “Ariadne”
Tuesday 12 August – Six young musicians present a range from jazz, traditional and even different cultures music, Pantanassa Square in Chora
Wednesday 13 August – Concert with music and songs from all over the Aegean, Nikos Oikonomidis and “Keros” group, Allopronia village
Friday 15 August – Rock and metal songs in acoustic remixes, Acoustic Quartet, Pantanassa Square Saturday 16 August - the same event takes place at the beach of Dialiskari