Sifnos Vathy Village

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General information

Vathi Village Sifnos: Vathi village is a beautiful serene fishing village located in the south-west side of Sifnos, 10 kilometres from Apollonia, one of the most attractive destinations in Sifnos. This tranquil village has known a great tourists development during the last few years and guests have the opportunity to choose amomg a great variety of accommodations fine taverns and ouzeries with tasteful fresh fish, built along the sandy beach.

The settlement is characterized by the oure white monastery of Taxiarchon, built right next to the port. Today the cells where the monks used to live have turned into guest rooms for the visitors. The beautiful surrounding includes numerous picturesque taverns that serve delicious Sifnian food. On the hill of Agios Andreas, a church of the same name stands on the top and offers a breathtaking view. If you wish to stay in a peaceful area away from the noisy crowds of Chora, then Vathy is the best choice.

The beach of Vathy is covered with sand and crystal waters as well as three smaller beaches that can be easily accessed as well. Near Vathi is the archaeological site of the acropolis of Agios Andreas.

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