Sifnos Archaeological Museum

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Location: Kastro
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The Archaeological Museum of Sifnos, Cyclades: The Archaeological Museum of Sifnos is housed in one of the most remarkable medieval buildings of Kastro, a picturesque castle town, east of Sifnos. The building has two floors and it was donated to the local municipality by the university professor Georgios Maridakis, who originated from Kastro. This building was renovated in 1980 and the museum opened its doors in 1986.

The Archaeological Museum of Sifnos houses findings from the excavated sites around the island witnessing the life of Sifnos during the Geometric, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman era. Among the most important exhibits is the marble head of Kouros that dates back to 6th century B.C, a headstone, architectural parts, Hellenistic sculptures, sanctuaries and a fine collection of ceramics from the Geometric to Hellenistic period.

Initially, the museum hosted exhibits which were found exclusively in the wider region of Kastro but from 2009 after its expansion, several findings can be seen from the ancient acropolis of Agios Andreas.



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