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Memories of a painter from old-time Sifnos

Category: Interviews
Cyclades, Sifnos Posted on Jun 24, 2013
When Christian Brechneff first stepped foot on Sifnos, in a time when there was no port on the island and a boat would go and pick up passengers from offshore, he was a 21-year old artist searching for inspiration. Since then, both him and the island have changed a lot...
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Keeping the ceramics tradition alive

Category: Interviews
Cyclades, Sifnos Posted on Nov 22, 2010
Sifnos is not only an island with picturesque sceneries and cosmopolitan atmosphere. More than that, it is an island with rich tradition in pottery art. Giannis Apostolidis has been occupying with ceramics for many years and talked to about his workshop in Sifnos.
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