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Vathi Beach Sifnos: Vathi beach is a lovely picturesque bay lying on the souwestern side of Sifnos. This golden beach streches for more than 1 kilometre and it is arguably one of the most beautiful areas of Sifnos for the crystalline shallow waters and an amazing surrounding of high cliffs.

Along the beach you will find numerous beach facilities, trees for cool shade as well as plenty of bars and restaurants. One can easily reach Vathy via an asphault road from Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos. The most unique characteristic of Vathy is the Church of Taxiarches which stands in front of the small port.

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    • ursula39 01 Dec 2010
      Beachside for families
      Our room was in a walking distance (not more than 5 min) from the relaxing beach of Vathy, so we would go there every morning. Swimming in the clean water till midday, then going for lunch in the lovely taverns above the beach and in the afternoon heading to the other villages of Sifnos for coffee. There is a nice beach bar in Vathi and we could listen to the music from our balcony. No watersports or other things that spoil the relaxing ambiance of vacations. A real nice place for families and people who like quiet things.