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General information

Faros Beach Sifnos: Faros is a small scenic beach located to the southeast of Sifnos, a crystaliline bay that lies in front of the homonymous seaside settlement. The limpid, calm waters are ideal for a peaceful swim but not so safe for the children because the water gets deep rather quickly. However, with the right supervision children will enjoy the best swimming experience and plenty of activities in the soft sand.

Around this tranquil setting with lush trees you will find many taverns and guest rooms. Alongside Faros are the pretty picturesque coves of Phasolos and Glyfos with peaceful, emerald waters which are a real pleasure.

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1 Review
  • pipi25 17 Nov 2008
    Fun and romantic
    Faros is actually a small fishing village, but it was hell crowded this July, when we went to the island! Especially young people were there and we had much fun as the Greeks are really talkative by nature and when they are on holiday they get humurous too. Faros is not a place to die for, it is just a fun and nice place to spend some days. We rented a room there for 3 nights, the room was right by the sea and at night you could hear the waves... So romantic! For good food, there are some great Greek restaurants in Faros with high quality and good value.