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Schinoussa reviews
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Enjoy the serenity
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Category: Schinoussa General

If there is one experience I hold dear every time I come to Greece, it is the short visit to the small island of Schinoussa. This year we made some plans to visit Naxos for a week and then continue to Schinoussa, a small island 1 hour ferry travel from Naxos. Schinoussa is a tranquil island, ideal to rest after a tiring winter in the city. For me, Schinoussa was the perfect getaway, as soon as we reached the port, in 10 minutes we were in Chora. Walking the narrow streets of the island, we saw that there is no need for transportation other perhaps than a bicycle. However we had a scooter and we could quickly move around the island. The locals were so friendly and hospitable that language was not really a problem. The closest beach from our hotel was Livadi, beautiful with crystal waters. As you leave the beach you will see a traditional tavern, a great place to taste some local dishes. In the evening, relax with a drink in the few cafeterias in Chora or sit in a bench and look at the moon. It is so romantic there!

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Have a great time
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Category: Schinoussa General

I had never heard of Schinoussa until Greeka proposed it to me in a newsletter. Thanks you, guys, thanks you so much! I had some really relaxing 4 days there, this July. We had already decided to go to Naxos and thought why not visit another island?

Schinoussa is only 1 hour from Naxos and there are ferries two or three times a day. We first spend four days in Schinoussa and then 10 days in Naxos. I can tell you this: we needed to relax after a tiring working winter and we trully did! We slept a lot, laid on the beach for many hours (there were few people around) and we could stay on the beach as long as we wanted. Few beaches had taverns around, most taverns were at the port and in Chora.

Our apartment was in Tsigouri. The owners were so nice and kind that they even gave us their bikes for one day to see the island!! They could speak English fluently because they had lived in the US for thirty years and when they pensioned they came back to this beautiful island to live nicely the years to come.

We went swimming in Tsigouri, Livadi and Lioliou, all three beaches had very clean water. Distances in Schinoussa are small and you can go on foot, but certainly a motorbike or a bke would be better. Walking under the hot sun is very tiring. Ask your hotel you give you a pick up when you arrive n Schinoussa, have in mind that there is no bus there. I wish you to have a great time, like we did!

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Friendly and proud locals
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Category: Schinoussa General

We went to Schinoussa only for one day. There are small ferries from Naxos to Schinoussa and back every day. This is a nice island for walking. We walked from the port to Chora and it took us about 30 minutes. The landscape is wild, indeed. You could see large areas with yellow herbs, a few greenery and some cattles.

The locals breed cattles and make cheese. They are very friendly, the locals. It is amazing that you can find the friendliest people in the most deserted islands. We met a few old people on our way to Chora and asked them if this was the right street. They didn't speak a word English but they seemed to udnerstand what we were telling them. I loved those old but proud figures. Most residents in Schinoussa were old but seemed happy to me.

Chora is another traditional village like the typical villages you can find in Cyclades. On our way back to the port, we swam in the beach close to the port while we were waiting for the ferry. That is all we know about the beaches of Schinoussa, we didn't go to any of the beaches you present here, guys. Maybe next time we go to Naxos, we stay more in Schinoussa.

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