A proud and lonely island of Cyclades

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Schinoussa is one of the smallest and remotest islands of Greece. Located in the centre of Cyclades, very close to popular destinations like Naxos, Paros and Ios, tiny Schinoussa emerges proud and lonely from the crystal Aegean Sea. It offers visitors something special and precious, that most of us don't really find in the modern world: pure environment, true welcoming attitude and total calm. "The island is famous for its small, beautiful beaches, the crystal water, the trees and the safe swimming conditions. Schinoussa is a barren, calm and hospitable environment, with traditional villages and many cultural events", told us Mr Isidoros Neroutsos, the president of the Association of Schinoussa Residents, whose members include permanent residents and immigrants. Summer and winter are two totally different seasons for Schinoussa. Isolation in winter, life in summer. "The loneliness and the feeling of isolation are the main problems of people who live in such small places, like Schinoussa, in winter", stressed out Mr Neroutsos. "The main problem of the people who live in Schinoussa is occupation. Out of the 250 residents of Schinoussa, 70 of them are aged under 30. In summer, the population can reach about 1,500 people as immigrants and tourists come back to the island for vacations". Mr Neroutsos, do you agree with the tourist development of Schinoussa or do you think the island should remain as pure as it is now? Could tourist development constitute a motive for people to stay in Schinoussa? It is known that tourist development indeed harms the virgin environment of our islands. However, it is true that it constitutes a very important motive for people to stay permanently in their homeland. Therefore, our answer should be that we want residents to stay on the island, but efforts must be addressed to the most possible limitation of the effects on the development. Are there public means of transport in Schinoussa? There are no means of transport because distances are very short. However, the hotels and rooms to let serve their clients for free with their private vans or smaller cars. Does the Health Centre work normally or a doctor comes from other island? There is a specializer doctor and a general practitioner. The centre works normally and it is sufficiently equipped with medical tools. Water has always been an important issue for the Greek islands. Could you tell us how the island gets water supply? The island has a desalination unit and there is an additional water supply by boat. Most businesses and houses have water tanks. Usually there isn't any lack of water, this is very rare to happen.