Towards the construction of a new port

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Schinoussa is finally getting a port that responds to the demands of coastal shipping. After finding a solution for the protection of the antiquities on this small island and for covering the needs of modern life, authorities have come to the conclusion that the new port and the ring road that connects one side of the island to the other can be constructed. It is planned that the new port will be built in the bay of Livadi, a couple of km away from the present port of Mersini. However, the paleochristian settlement that was discovered there delayed the procedure. Apart from this settlement, some Byzantine remains have also been excavated. In fact, many of these Byzantine houses keep their equipment intact, such as fireplaces, kettles, plates, etc. Judging from the wealth and the structure of this Byzantine town, it was also possible to be the seat of a Bishop. Following the decision of the Central Archaeological Board, the excavations in Livadi will continue for the next six months and then the construction of the port will begin, with a special design so that the pier doesn't affect the ancient site, as happened with the original plan. Also there will be an underwater search for antiquities. Presently, the port of Schinoussa has been characterized as unsuitable by the marine authorities and ferries dock there at their captain's responsibility. In winter particularly, things are very difficult for the 150 permanent residents of the island.