Residents closed the port

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The residents of Schinoussa closed yesterday, for one day, the port of their island as a sign of protest for the removal of their only doctor. During this blockage, the ferry Blue Star Naxos, which would take one passenger from Schinoussa, was not allowed to moor and the same went for the ferry Skopelitis, which would carry off another passenger. The 260 permanent residents of Schinoussa were protesting as, with the removal of the only doctor who served them, the state leaves them unprotected against any medical emergency. If there is no doctor in Schinoussa, people will have to go to Naxos, the closest biggest island, one hour ferry ride away, even for a simple flu. If something more complicated comes up, things will get dangerous, considering that in winter ferry schedules are less frequent and often cancelled due to bad weather conditions in the Aegean Sea. This incident emerges once more the vital problem of people living permanently in the Greek islands, particularly in the small islands, which frequently feel abandoned by the state.