Schinoussa Geography

Schinoussa, along with Iraklia and Koufonissia, belongs to the complex of the Small Eastern Cyclades. This is actually a tiny island south of Naxos, with very few inhabitants, small villages and recent history. The main characteristic of Schinoussa is the diversity of its beaches: there are beaches both sandy and rocky all over its coastline. Almyros, Fikios, Liouliou and Psili Ammos are sandy beaches and they are located on the eastern coast of Schinoussa, while on the western coast, there are beaches with rocky seabed, such as Tsigouri.

The geography of Schinoussa is known for its wonderful characteristics. All these beaches are easy to reach even on foot because distances in Schinoussa are short and the landscape is flat. The highest peak of Schinoussa is Mylos and it rises at an altitude of only 133 meters above sea level. This mountain is located on the northwestern side of Schinoussa. The rest of the island is flat and it is doted by summer houses and small villages. The main village of Schinoussa is Chora, while Messaria and Mersini also have a handful of inhabitants.

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