Introduction & General Information

As part of the Small Cyclades group of islands, Schinoussa island is perfect for those looking for a relaxing change from crowds and noisy city life. All that the island offers is a serene natural beauty that will surely take your breath away: quaint and charming villages free from modern influences and noise, lovely beaches to rest and relax in and a traditional Greek way of life.

With a population of about 206 residents, the island is located between Iraklia and Koufonisia. At the port of Mersini, you shall see yachts bob on the calm water with the blowing Meltemi winds. Schinousa has very low hills the tallest of which, Mylos, is only 133 meters. It has many bays and peninsulas and is known for its indented coastline. Thanks to this morphology the island features many spectacular beaches with charming coves for swimming and relaxing.

The smooth flat terrain is ideal for hiking and walking. The perennial mild and fresh climate gives you the impression of it being summertime all year round. The main settlements of the island are the port village of Mersini, the capital or Chora and Messaria. Situated on the leeward side of the bay, the port Mersini is ideal for yachts.

The main village, Chora or Panagia was built on a small hill by the pirates. It offers a spectacular view of the rest of the island, which used to provide refuge and shelter to pirates who stopped here to contemplate their next heist. The residents of the island are mainly agriculture workers and undertake animal husbandry, fishing and tourism as well.