Premium Spa in Santorini

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Location: Oia

The Santorini Premium Spa rejuvenates and revitalizes body and soul with a unique system of therapies in which traditional treatment philosophies blend seamlessly with modern comforts to provide the ultimate spa experience. Some of the treatments offered at the spa include face and body massage, facials, makeup, Jacuzzi sessions and a variety of water therapies.

From skin care treatments using extracts of sea weeds and vegetable extracts mixed with essential oils to detoxify and tone the skin , to chocolate masks aimed at reducing the effects of aging, the Santorini Premium Spa has a range of face and body masks to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. Exotic massage treatments for both body and face are also provided.

The Santorini hot stones treatment combines the energy of lava stones with the power of ayurvedic massage, while the sensational chocolate treatment soothes and nourishes the skin. A 30-minute Jacuzzi session is offered as part of other treatments that the guest has booked for. As a prelude to the massage treatment, the spa offers the Cleopatra's bath, which is essentially a 20-minute soak in a large tub filled with crystal clear water and extracts of fruit with essential oils. The bath enhances circulation and helps you to relax, imparting a feeling of wellness to both body and mind.

The spa offers a manicure treatment with hand massage and application of an elegant French polish. There is also an effective hair removal treatment for the body using gentle wax and the effect lasts for at least 4 to 6 weeks. A health bar on the premises offers health food, drinks and special teas to nourish the body and enhance the harmony of the body systems.

The center offers special day spa packages tailor-made for the person and there are also gift certificates for spending a day at the spa. Special wedding packages with endless choices from a simple manicure to total body treatments to prepare the bride for the big day are quite popular and the package also includes make-up consultations.



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