Caldera Massages Studio in Santorini

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Location: Oia

Located in the beautiful village of Oia, the Caldera Massage Studio is a wellness centre that helps to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul with the help of traditional therapies drawn from several massage philosophies around the world.

The spa opened in 2006 as a perfect answer to today’s stressful lifestyle and provides a variety of face, body and beauty therapies. Its unique ambiance created by the Zen-inspired environment that has been carved out of Oia’s Caldera makes the spa a breathtakingly beautiful place.Enjoy their sunset terrace overlooking the sea following the massages with one of the sunset packages.

The Studio offers a range of face, body and beauty treatments, which elevates the body and mind to a state of total relaxation and harmony. The ancient treatment of acupuncture is reference using the pressure points on the face and to cleanse, tighten and moisturize the facial tissues. This is followed by aromatherapy using special products to suit the specific skin type, which tends to restore the skin’s natural beauty and tone.

The Caldera Massage, a popular therapy at the spa, is a full body massage based on a combination of Californian, Swedish and Ayurvedic therapies. And then, there is the Bulgarian scrub and glow massage using essential oils, honey and yogurt to exfoliate the skin, improve blood circulation and help regenerate the skin.



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