Milos to Santorini: Travel options

You can get from Milos to Santorini by ferry or flight and below you will find some additional information to help you choose the way of travelling that is best for you.

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Travel by Ferry

Daily ferry crossings connect the Port of Adamas of Milos and the Port of Athinios in Santorini.
The ferry schedules are regular during high season, usually multiple times per day during the summer, and significantly less frequent during the winter season.
The companies that operate this route are SeaJets, Golden Star Ferries, Zante Ferries and Anek Lines and the ferry tickets come at a fixed price, usually at around 50€.
Travel time varies, from 1h50m to 6h, depending on the type of ferry you choose for your trip.
Use our online engine to book your ferry tickets from Milos to Santorini.

Pros of getting from Milos to Santorini by ferry: No matter whether you’re new to Santorini or you’ve already been there before, the views will get you every time! Approaching Athinios Port from the seaside comes with spectacular views of the caldera and the volcano that should not be missed!

Ferry Schedules to Santorini


Travel by Plane

Although there are no direct connections between Milos and Santorini, you can get from one place to the other with one stop at Athens International Airport.
During the high season, several flights are scheduled every day, while Aegean Air, Sky Express and Ryanair are some of the companies that operate most flight connections.
The ticket prices are not fixed, which means that you can save money if you book your flight tickets a few months in advance and it may be cheaper to travel during the off-season months.

Pros of getting from Milos to Santorini by flight: Flights are an alternative way to get from Milos to Santorini -especially if you suffer from seasickness. Even if you have to deal with some waiting time in Athens, the total travel time usually lasts no more than a few hours.

Flights Schedules to Santorini


Island hopping packages including Milos & Santorini

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Illustrated map

Map of how to get from milos to Santorini

Milos Santorini travel map