Water Taxis in Santorini

Water taxis in Santorini are a unique way to access beautiful coastal spots. There’s one water taxi linking the beaches of Kamari and Perissa, but boats can also approach the volcano and nearby islands.

From Kamari to Perissa Beach

The two beaches are separated from the Mesa Vouno mountain. Hiking lovers can walk from one shore to another; however, there’s another option to get from Kamari Beach to Perissa Beach and vice versa - a water taxi.
The traditional boat caique allows a few passengers on board each time and offers marvelous views for as long as the trip lasts.
You can board this picturesque wooden boat and enjoy a 15-minute crossing experience that allows you to gaze at the unique landscape and wonderful waters.
Departures from Kamari start at 10.00, while the first itinerary from Perissa is at 10.15. On the other hand, the last departure from Kamari leaves at 16.30, while from Perissa at 17.00.
The water taxi sails to each location every 40 minutes.

To Other Islands

That fantastic means of transportation can also take you to numerous coastal destinations outside Santorini.
Except for the adjacent islands of Nea and Palia Kameni (volcano), water taxis can take you to several Cycladic islands, including but not limited to Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, and Ios.
The greatest advantage of using a water taxi for your transfer is that you are able to schedule your trip conveniently without worrying about the ferry itineraries. It’s recommended to organize your trip on a summer day when the winds are mild to avoid inconvenience since the boats are small and affected by the weather.

Are you interested in a transfer or excursion to another island via water taxi? Send us your request and we will arrange it for you!