Private Guided Tour of Akrotiri Minoan City

Duration: 1.5 hours
Depart: Santorini > Akrotiri
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General info

General Description

The ancient town of Akrotiri in Santorini was a well-connected Minoan port with connections to Egypt and Syria except for the Greek mainland. Because of the ashes that covered the city following the infamous volcanic eruption, the settlement is well-preserved today for visitors to admire.

Akrotiri Prehistoric City Private Guided Tour allows you to visit the ancient city of Akrotiri which boasts remarkable remains from the Bronze Age.

An experienced guide will provide information on how society and the city were organized back then.
You will also learn about the horrendous events that buried the settlement after the volcano erupted and how this event contributed to the remnants being preserved in exceptional condition.
You will stroll past 4000-year-old buildings and houses and encounter pieces of artwork, such as frescoes, pottery, and furniture from the time.

The duration of the tour is one hour.

Alternatively, a group tour to Akrotiti is also available

Private Guided Tour of Akrotiri Minoan City