Dive In Action in Santorini

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Location: Perissa

Dive in Action is located in Perissa and focuses on environmental protection and actions revolving around the safety of marine life. It offers numerous activities, including scuba diving courses, snorkeling and diving excursions, private diving, boat tours and their specialty Volcano Diving.

One of its main goals is to prevent the increase of trash in the ocean and decrease the marine debris that already exists and highly impacts underwater life forms as well as humans. Project “AWARE” teaches divers not only how to protect the environment, but also how to dive correctly to not disturb animals and plants that live in the seas.

Dive in Action is a member of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and offers a special program, the Volcano Diver, for certified open-water divers. It was created to teach divers about the underwater volcano, the underwater lava and the fauna and flora flourishing in such a specific ecosystem. In addition, divers understand how to protect the volcanic formations in this type of environment. By the end of the program, divers gain a new certification and have the opportunity to explore a unique environment.

The establishment offers activities for both experienced divers and beginners. Inexperienced participants can begin with the introductory courses, starting at 3m to 6m depth where they learn the basics and begin observing the underwater world. They can continue to the second part of the introduction with a 12m dive, learning how to protect the ecosystem and exploring volcanic formations.
Divers that already have a certification can enjoy one or two 18 to 20m dives where they observe the environment and also participate in various actions. The objectives of this program include fish identification, information about the local environment, a workshop and a final report about the observations.

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