Prehistoric Thera Museum in Santorini

Ancient Thera Museum, Santorini: This museum is quite spectacular even from the outside. It hosts a rich collection of finds from the excavations in the sites of Akrotiri and other Cyclades islands. The whole area is air-conditioned offering visitors a comfortable tour around the exhibition hall that is divided into four sections. The first section refers to the history of Fira, the second one to the geology of Fira, the third section includes finds from the Neolithic and the post-Cycladic era while the last section consists of a nice collection from the flourishing period at the town of Akrotiri.

All objects in the museum include detailed information for all tourists. Some of the exhibits that particularly stand out are a clay oven and a bathing tub as well as the tall and oval-shaped vases. Further on you can see some marvelous frescoes including the House of Ladies. Close to the exit is a gold ibex figurine which shines brightly. The museum offers great insight from the prehistoric times in the town of Fira with thousands of exhibits.

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Guest 2010-06
For all history buffs
All the museums buffs should go and visit the Prehistoric Museum of Thera. The historical imprint, the varying culture and art find their place in this marvelous museum. The serene and tranquil location adds to the beauty of the place. This is one of the best museums I have visited in Greece, although still a lot of things should be done to help visitors. For example, the labels of the exhibits must have more details because not all people know the archaeological terms. Also guided tours should be organized in fixed times. It is a pity that Greece has so nice museums but no people working in them.

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