Bellonio Cultural Centre in Santorini

Santorini Bellonio Cultural Center: The Bellonio Cultural Center in Fira is the melting pot of Santorini's culture, tradition, and heritage. The Center is ideally located adjoining the Thira Post Office. It is undoubtedly one of Santorini's most popular and prestigious cultural venues. Inside the premises of the center, there is a well-stocked library with a stupendous array of books on various subjects that provide fascinating insight and info.

The Bellonio Cultural Center regularly hosts cultural shows and art exhibitions. As a pioneering organization, the Bellonio Cultural Center strives to promote the rich culture and artistic tradition of Santorini. In the past, the center has successfully hosted Mural Art Exhibitions depicting Mural paintings belonging to the pre-Historic period, Hellenistic period, Byzantine period and the modern period.

Not only does the center display the art objects, but typical art exhibitions have also brainstorming sessions wherein renowned artists, but academics and scholars are also invited to deliver lectures on the technique and preservation of such highly acclaimed art objects.

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