Santorini Agios Stylianos Catholic Church

Location: Fira

Agios Stylianos is a Catholic Church in Fira, built on the edge of the cliff & overlooking the caldera, the whitewashed town & the volcano.

It is dedicated to Saint Stylianos of Paphlagonia & the celebrations for the saint take place on November 26th.
Despite its small size, the church attracts much attention thanks to its unique design which makes it a truly photogenic ecclesiastical monument: it has a charming bell tower, its dome is white & its walls are carefully painted light blue & tan, with reddish details.

Although the church's construction date is unknown, manuscripts indicate that it has existed at least since 1757.
It has a traditional style of Santorinian architecture, although before its renovation in 1988 its design used to have some baroque elements.
In order to get there, follow the paved alley Nomikou, near the Catholic Cathedral.

Map Of Agios Stylianos Catholic Church

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