Atlantis in Santorini, Oia

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Location: Oia

Atlantis Book Store is located on the main square of Oia. It has been open since 2004 and conceived as an idea in 2002 when two American friends spontaneously decided to establish the island’s first bookstore and make it a meeting point for book lovers from all around the world. Driving around Europe and the US, they managed to create a diverse collection of books that is still expanding, from fiction to nonfiction, history, poetry, children’s literature, and other genres.

The books currently sold are written in various languages. New or second-hand books, rare findings, first editions, and other gems are hidden on the shelves of Atlantis. Over the years, the bookstore has attracted numerous readers and writers alike, and many gatherings have been held on its terrace, which also happens to be one of the best viewpoints of the Aegean Sea and the sunset in the area.

The bookstore is open from April to November, although something is usually cooking even during the off-season months: bookbinding, printing, movie screenings, and more! With its inviting atmosphere and the nostalgic smell of old books, a visit to Atlantis Book Store is a must whenever you find yourself in Oia!




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