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Santorini Villages Oia reviews
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Will remain in me forever
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Category: Santorini Other > Romantic Sunset

This is one sunset I will never forget!! The picturesque island of Santorini is eminent for legendary tales. Nature is at its best as the sun kissed the island, beautiful beaches and romantic sunset add glory to the place. Now I know why millions of tourists across the world come to this beautiful and wonderful place - to enjoy tranquility and pure nature. There are numerous spots in Santorini that boast of beautiful and unobstructed view of the sunset. I loved watching the fireball slowly disappear into the magnificent Aegean Sea. The vibrant orange and pink colors added beauty to the environment. This sunset will remain with me forever.


The most romantic sunset
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Category: Santorini Oia

Thinking about Santorini... the first thing that always comes in my mind is the sunset. The island is famous all over the world for its spectacular sunsets and the best place to enjoy these sunsets is Oia village.

Many locals and tourists, visit Oia in Santorinievery evening, seating at the coffee shops or in a quiet romantic spot, starring the stunning view. The most well known spot for this sunset viewing in Oia, is the Kastro Walls.

While the sun sinks into the sea, its splendid colors spread throughout the sky. It literally takes your breath away! Best place to be, especially if you are a couple.

After spending one evening watching the sunset, you will have these memories for a long long time. While wandering at the narrow paths and speaking with the locals, you learn about many love stories of couples that visited the village. True or not, the whole place is so romantic, like it has been taken out of a fairytale.

Getting lost in Oia narrows paths, you will find plenty of souvenir shops with handicrafts and jewelleries, along with many traditional sweets and drinks.

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Be careful with prices
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Category: Santorini Oia

I think it is a common sense that the vibe in Oia was certainly better than in Fira, which was most tourist and crowded. The first stop on the island is Fira and then the crowd sets apart to the different sides of Santorini. Also, from there start all the buses and taxis, so it is normal to be the most popular place on the island. On the other side, Oia is soft and calm and moving and most of all it has the best sunset I have seen! The locals are lucky to see it every day, although when we see something beautiful many times, in the end we come not to appreciate it. It is a pity that I couldn't take any photo of this great sunset (camera baterries run off the worst time!).

Prices are also better in Oia than in other sides of Santorini. I was surprised to see that grilled fish would cost 60 (!) euros in Fira and only 24 in Oia. Fish are sold by kilo in Greece. When you ask a waiter to suggest a dish, he will probably suggest you the most expensive in the restaurant. Also prices in souvenirs are much different, so better check before you buy. I bought a fridge magnet for 6 euros in Fira and I saw the exact same magnet in a store next street for 3 euros.

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lulli wrote on Jun 08, 2009

Thanks for sharing very valuable pieces of information, Jellyf.


Most romantic sunset
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Category: Santorini Oia

Indeed Santorini has the best sunset in the world!! I am happy that I experienced such a romantic view and I am much happier that I spent my honeymoon there :))

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Keep your charm
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Category: Santorini Oia

Greece is a place that I always dreamed of, a place that I always wanted to vist. I have been travelling around Europe since lthe ast 3 years but Greece was the only country that I left off for some reason. Finally this year I managed to organise myself to visit Greece. It was my first time & I haven't have much expected over there. I managed to get some info from tourism of Greece & thanks to Greeka.com too, which provided me lots of information as a first time visitor.

I stayed in Santorini - Marizan Village Oia.
I was amazed by the hospitality of the hotel owner who provided us whatever for our convenience. He even welcomed us when we first arrived, which never happenned to me as a traveller. He always greeted to us whatever he saw us & made sure we all were alrights & fulfill whatever we needed such as arrange personal tours guide to show us along Santorini, our transportation, even delivered take away for us. . .etc.

I was over whelming by the views of Santorini and impressed with the breath takings of Oia. What on earth this place has been keep up so well with all the traditional houses & churches. And the seafood was unbelievable fresh & cheap! The people there was amazing friendly & helpful. In our hotel, we had private privileged place of viewing sunset, that's absolutely awesome! We stayed at Oia 3 days, then moved down to Kalmari area, we were really disappointed with the town as it was no way near what we had experienced in Oia.

I'd travelled many different country & cities, I must say Oia is my favourite & unforgettable place! It is on my schedule for next summer, I will re-visit Oia again. . .what a wonderful place!
Santorini. . .you are truly romantic & beautiful, keep your charm!


Oia Santorini
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Category: Santorini Oia

I feel so happy that I visited such a beautiful place. the sunset was amazing as was the place. Next time I visit Greece I will stay in Oia.
Peace, beauty, good food and tranquility. What else do you need? Santorini is really beautiful. Enjoy it if you ever get the chance to visit.

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A dreamy sunset
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Category: Santorini Oia

Hello, I'm Canadian and I'm 22 years old. In the summer of 2006 I visited Greece and the island of Santorini.
While I was there I decided to visit Oia, since it was recommended on a brochure, and on an internet site. I got there by car and it took me about 30 minutes since I was staying in Fira. The road to the village was a bit bumpy, but I really enjoyed the trip. I didn't have to use a map or anything, because it was perfectly indicated.
The village is picturesque with beautiful architecture and beautiful surroundings.
In the area someone can find telephone, bank, and mini market.
My favorite thing about it was the sunset.

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Beautiful sunset
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Category: Santorini Oia

Nationality: South African

Age: 17

-How did you get to the villageof Oia: Public Transportation

-Where is your accommodation located: Fira Santorini Camping

-How much time did it take you to reach the village of Oia: 25 minutes

-What are the conditions of the roads that take you to the village of Oia: Good

-If you used public transportations, did you have to wait long for the bus: No

-Did you enjoy the trip to the village: Yes good views over the sea

-In order to get to Oia were there enough signs in order to find it: I used a map

-Why did you choose this particular village: Recommended by friends

-How would you describe the village: Authentic, small cubic houses, neoclassical houses, beautiful architecture, no flowers, no parks, clean, perched on a hill, by the sea, offering views, beautiful surroundings, local artisan activity, many churches, touristy industry, restaurants, cafes, really crowded, expensive, great

-Can everything, one might need, be found in the village: Telephone, bank, mini market, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops, travel agencies, museums, internet cafes, hotels and other accommodations

- Did the village meet your expectations? Yes Rate: 9/10

- Favorite thing about the village: Sights, beautiful views and of course the sunset

- Is there anything that you don’t like about the beach or things that should be done by the authorities to improve it or is something missing: Too much crowded at the time of sunset, otherwise it is really great were among the rocks

- Would you come to this village again: Yes

Other recommends villages? Fira’s town is nice, there is lots of nightlife clubs and everything is someone needed

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