Santorini Mykonos Helicopter Transfer & Tours

A private helicopter flight above the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea is certainly a memorable experience like no other! Imagine gazing at a huge natural blue sea canvas with small, rocky islands scattered around like confetti and whitewashed villages on top of them. The Cycladic archipelago is a natural beauty! The flight may be considered somewhat a luxury but it provides you these unique views that can only be witnessed from a private helicopter.

Helicopter Transfers

Helicopter transfers between Santorini and Mykonos offer the unique opportunity of seeing the whitewashed houses of Santorini and Mykonos from a distance, as well as the impressive geological morphology of the volcanic island. You will get a panoramic view of picturesque villages, the Volcano, huge cliffs, the azure sea waters and anything that makes up the wonderful landscape of the Cycladic Islands. The flight will likely be short (about 40 minutes) but long enough to see the best parts on both islands. On the way to Mykonos, you will also fly above other nearby islands.
In addition to the flights for entertainment purposes and aerial sightseeing, helicopters are a common transfer option that will take you from one island to another in no time, functioning as an aerial taxi. It is an excellent transfer option if you’re planning to spend some time on Mykonos, much faster and more fun than going by ship or ferry and you also get to avoid ship delays, port traffic and crowded decks. The helicopters also have strict safety guidelines and fulfil all technical maintenance requirements to ensure a secure and enjoyable flight. In many cases they can also be used for medical emergencies.
It is highly recommended to book the private helicopter flight of your choice in advance since due to the small number of planes and the high demand during summer, they get sold out quickly.

It is highly recommended to book the private helicopter flight of your choice in advance.
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Helicopter Tours

For those who just want to enjoy the breathtaking views of this spectacular volcanic island, you can opt in for a private helicopter tour above Santorini. These tours are charged by group and not by person which makes it cheaper since the total amount is divided by the number of passengers on board. The maximum number of persons in the helicopter is 3-5 depending on the helicopter.

There are 3 private flight itineraries: