Cycling in volcanic serenity

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Narrow and paved streets, short distances, good weather, amazing and uneven landscape: could there be a better place for cycling than Santorini? In summer, the island is whelmed by tourists and everyone is busy, but in winter it is time for the locals to relax a bit, prepare for next year and enjoy the beauties of their paradise. About a year ago, the Cycling Club of Santorini was created and united all cyclists together. "There have been cyclists on Santorini since 1987, but it was rare and bizarre to see someone cycling here", says Constantinos Davarinos, a founding member of this Cycling Club. "A few years ago, in 2002, the first bicycle store on the island opened in the region of Kamari and this was very important for cyclists. Our club started as a company in summer 2010. Occasionally, there were few people cycling alone or with small company around the streets of Santorini. Most people already knew each other but there wasn't this connection that would motivate us to go all together for cycling. This until our club was founded." How safe is Santorini for cycling given its inclining landscape? In Santorini, there are routes for experienced cyclists, beginners or even children who frequently accompany their parents in our cycling excursions. The routes are gorgeous, although you must be careful because the sights are frequent along the way, The best thing for a cyclist is not to hurry and stop regularly to rest and enjoy the scenery. Santorini is a place where cycling has a volcanic serenity and the cyclist tastes all the scents and the colorful spots of the island. Especially the route from Fira to Oia, just on the edge of the steep road, is sometimes like flying in the clouds! Of course, during our excursions, we stop for a coffee by the sea or in a tavern at the caldera. In summer, we might also stop for a quick swimming in the gorgeous beaches of Perivolos, the Red Beach, Vlychada, Kamari or Columbo, which is really refreshing. Can you suggest a few routes in Santorini? The route to the Monastery of Prophet Elias is very nice. There, on the highest spot of Santorini, the cyclist can get a better view of the island's geology and will see from above our vast green wineries. The route from Akrotiri to the lighthouse is also amazing and gives so much peace to the soul. The lighthouse is a great spot to see the sky and the blue water of the Aegean. Which is the best season for cycling in Santorini? Spring, when the entire island is full of flowers, the weather is good and there is little traffic on the roads. Santorini has 325 days of sunshine per year, which means that there are always good days to go cycling. If you want to register in the Cycling Club of Santorini, contact Constantinos Davarinos at