Voted 8th prettiest European city

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The American newspaper USA Today and the website launched a poll recently and readers voted for the prettiest European city for 2013. The voting lasted for four weeks and naturally the results included Santorini in the top 10 places. Once more, this popular Greek island managed to charm visitors with the romantic sunsets and the breathtaking caldera view. It was eventually placed 8th among the prettiest European cities, even higher than Venice and Bruges.

Here are the top 10 finalists in detail:

10. Bruges, Belgium
9. Venice, Italy
8. Santorini, Greece
7. Budapest, Hungary
6. Prague, Czech Republic
5. Chester, England
4. Dubrovnik, Croatia
3. Innsbruck, Austria
2. Bergen, Norway
1. Riga, Latvia

More info at: USA Today