Space progress in Santorini

• Category: News
The issue of the development of space on the island of Santorini today is the theme of a new exhibition titled SantoReni, a developing project. The artist Zoe Chatzigiannakaki points out the huge change that Santorini experiences the last years, mainly due to tourism. Tourism did not only mean an important economic development or the passing from the agriculture to other activities, but also a structural change on its geography and even its society. The photographs and the videos of the exhibition are aiming to depict and research this new progressing scenery, in order to make it apprehensible to the public and give a whole new aspect, very different from the postcard-image of Santorini. Not because this image does not exist, but because it does not exist outside the today's social reality. The exhibition opens on Thursday, 26th of June at the Centre of Contemporary Art Ileana Tounda. It will last up to 11 June. Address: 48 Armatolon kai Klefton St, Athens