Roof of Akrotiri will soon be replaced

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It is estimated that by the end of this year the roof at the archaeological site of Akrotiri in Santorini will have been replaced. In fact, the archaeologists believe that on May 31st 2011 the ancient site will open to public. As archaeologists say, the only problem is the weather, as the winds blow very strong that time of year in Santorini. Only 4 columns of the roof are left to be placed, out of the 94 columns in total that will support the roof. The damage in 2005 brought many changes in the whole range of the roof and the columns that supported it. The old roof will be totally replaced and the new roof will be made of metal. On top of the metal roof, there will be insulations and greenery will be planted. The archaeological excavations in Akrotiri stopped the day of the accident. That is how the museological study of the findings was also left in the middle. In fact, many other works have to be done inside the archaeological site of Akrotiri, such as the ruling of corridors for visitors and the thematic glass exposures with ancient findings. The Minoan site of Akrotiri remains closed from September 23rd, 2005, when part of the previous roof collapsed, killing a British tourist.