Pumping the oil of Sea Diamond

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Almost two years after the shipwreck of Sea Diamond, the works for the pumping up of the ship's oil started a few days ago. This work has been undertaken by two companies, "Dronik Maritime Consultants Ltd" and "Perivalontiki", which signed the relevant contract. It is estimated that the pumping works will last for about three weeks and the two companies have ensured that all necessary measures have been taken to prevent any leak that will cause environmental pollution. Cruise ship Sea Diamond crashed on a well-marked volcanic reef in the centre of Santorini's caldera in the afternoon of April 5th, 2007. The ship started to fill in water and it sunk after a few hours. Almost 2,000 passengers, mostly Americans, were reported to have safely evacuated the ship, but later on, two French people were reported missing. Although divers searched the sea bottom for days, the bodies of the two French, father and daughter, were never found.