Pedestrial paths to be constructed

• Category: News
Following the plans of the local municipality, works for the pedestrianization of the road between Fira, the capital of the island, and Imerovigli, one of the most beautiful villages of Santorini, will start in October, right after the end of the tourist period. The plan is to connect these two beautiful and tourist villages with a pedestrian road that will give visitors the chance to walk on the boards of the caldera, with view to the sea and the sunset, thus giving the island an even more traditional character. This path will be about 3 km long and the authorities plan to finish this project till next spring. At the same time, the residents and enterpreneurs of Perissa are also asking for the pedestrianization of their coastal road, from the camping area till Veggera hotel. They believe that this will reduce the risk of accidents in Perissa, because of the large number of cars and motorbikes that float this beachside every summer, and that this will make their area more appealing to tourists.