Oia voted 16th destination in the world

• Category: News
According to the annual ranking of TripAdvisor, Santorini and particularly the village of Oia has won the 16th position among the top 20 destinations in the world. Travelers who actually formed this list have included Sidney (Australia), Matsou Pitsou (Perou), Paris (France), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), New York (USA), Rome (Italy), London (UK), Barcelona (Spain) and Hong Kong (China) amongst the first ten top travel destinations in the world. Greece could not be absent from this interesting survey with the island of Santorini being this year's representative to display the beauty of our country. Moreover, Paris, Rome and London stand out in the first positions, whereas Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and Stockholm are some of the low-ranking destinations. Here is the list with the top travel destinations: 1. Paris (France) 2. Rome (Italy) 3. London (UK) 4. Barcelona (Spain) 5. Prague (Czech) 6. Saint Petersburg (Moscow) 7. Venice (Italy) 8. Florence (Italy) 9. Edinburgh (Great Britain) 10. Istanbul (Turkey) 11. Amsterdam (Holland) 12. Capri (Italy) 13. Dublin (Ireland) 14. Berlin (Germany) 15. Dubrovnik (Croatia) 16. Oia (Greece) 17. Stockholm (Sweden) 18. Bridge (Belgium) 19. Amalfi (Italy) 20. Vienna (Austria)