Ferry slightly crashed on the marina

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Two days ago, the ferry boat Aeolos Kenteris II of NEL Lines crashed on the marina of Athinios port, Santorini, while it was trying to deck. Strong winds of 7-8 degrees in the Beaufort scale were blowing in the area and a wrong handling made the ship fall onto the marina. Fortunately, the damage was not serious and there were almost no injuries for the 20 passengers and the 26 members of the staff, expect for the lieutenant junior grade, who was lightly injured on the shoulder. The ship wrecked in the bay of Columbo, on the northern side of Santorini, until the winds slow down. Aeolos Kenteris is a modern ship, built in 2001 in France. It is considered among the fastest ferries in the Mediterranean. When it had this accident, it was following the route: Syros- Paros- Naxos- Folegandros- Sikinos- Ios- Thirassia- Santorini- Anafi.