Fava became protected product

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Fava, the traditional product of Santorini, has become a Protected Name of Origin, like many other products of Greece. This is actually the 87th Greek product with protected name of origin. Santorini Fava is cultivated in more than 1,200 sq.m. on the island and a good harvest can overpass 180 tones. "The difference with fava beans of Santorini is that it comes from another plant, Lathyrus clymenum L. The taste of Santorini fava is sweet and it boils much quicker than fava beans of other regions, at one third of the usual time, mostly due to its small size and the high level of carbohydrates", explains the producer Mr Giannis Nomikos. Fava is cultivated on the island for many centuries. Interestingly, scientists have found traces of grapes and fava beans in archaeological excavations in Santorini, which means that this product is being cultivated on the island since 1,500 BC, the Copper Age. Fava is also popular among foreigners. Restaurant owners in Santorini mention that eight out of ten clients order fava in the basic menu.