Eminences from Forbes Traveler

• Category: News
Santorini, this wonderful Greek island, has been included by the internationally-renowned Forbes Traveler among the 25 sexiest beaches of the world and the 15 most romantic beaches of the Meditarranean Sea. Facing a world competition with counties like Malvides, Brazil, France, Spain, Thailand and other known beach resorts, Santorini has managed once more to win the impressions. The writer of Forbes Traveler makes special mention to the picturesque villages, the unique views, the mysterious volcanic activity and the wonderful beaches with black and red sand. Note that it was the Red beach on Santorini that was declared as one of the 25 sexiest beaches in the world. The islands of Mykonos, Thassos and Hydra were also included in the two above lists, proving that the natural beauty of the Greek islands is famous and renowned all over the world.