Ecological Tragedy in Santorini

• Category: News
The Coordinating Committee of Therean Citizens is calling the National Technical University to help on the case of pulling up the Sea Diamond shipwreck from the sea area of Santorini. This environmental tragedy and the delays of its restitution are causing deep concerns to the authorities of Santorini. 15 months have already passed since the incident of the shipwreck, which is characterized as an "infernal machine" for the unique volcanic sea-ecosystem of the Santorini Caldera. Indignant by the ignorance of the State for so many months, as well as by the obstruction of the Port Fund of Santorini, the citizens of the island constituted in January 2008 the Active Citizens Committee. They demand the pulling up of the sunk ship and they intend to succeed it by actuations planned for this August. In their letter to the Technical University, they are asking the active participation of the scientific community of the Institution, so as that this ecological tragedy finds an end, with the pulling up of the shipwreck.