Discover Santorini by rolling the dice

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What happens when two lovers of boarding games and the breathtaking island of Santorini combine forces? The answer is Santopoly – and the result will surprise you pleasantly!
Santopoly is an inventive board game, inspired by two Santorini connoisseurs, Thomas Karkaletsos and Dimitra Lola. Though not locals, the couple shares a rich experience and insight in the tourism industry, and spending a considerable amount of time on the lovely Greek island made them feel like they gained valuable knowledge they wanted to convey. The idea was conceived one day, when due to the lack of available board games at a café, they decided to create a unique one for Santorini. Santopoly is an alternative and entertaining way for players to discover Santorini, learn more about its history, places and products, as well as spent moments of pure fun.
Dimitra focused on the content while Thomas took up the design of the game. "We added in every village's card a few information about its character so as to help the future visitors plan their next journey to the island and make past visitors remember the various points of interest of their trip", says Dimitra. Santopoly includes all the needed compartments (such as a board with the villages, handmade house figures inspired by the local architecture, info cards, dices etc.). The game has real life references, and players can move around Santorini's settlements, buy the most appealing to them, get their own cave houses -a long dream for the couple- as well as learn significant information about the island. The one who manages to become the owner of the four businesses is declared the best businessman of Santorini and is awarded with respect and economic contributions by the rest of the players. Once you step on a donkey tail or a donkey face, you can be sent for a sailing tour around the caldera or pay a fine for the party you organized in your hotel room the previous night! Therefore it is a rather exciting experience with many great surprises for those involved!
The game is ideal for those who want to update their Santorini experience while on the island, as well as those planning to visit. Santopoly is available in English and those interested can find it in selected stores as well as online at As Thomas mentioned, “What is unique about Santopoly is that it constitutes a memoir, a game, a trigger for someone to discover Santorini through a handiwork, made exclusively by us.”. What’s not to love?