Developing into a year round destination

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Santorini is gradually becoming a year round destination, fulfilling the eager desire of many Greek tourist places. As the Municipal Board of Thira (Santorini) has decided, the island will be open for visitors all year round. The major of Santorini, Mr Anastasios Zorzos, stressed out the island has all the characteristics to attract visitors all 12 months of the year and it is a common will to expand the tourist season.

To this end, the frequent winter transportation with daily connection with Athens is very useful. In particular, there are four flights daily from Athens to Santorini (two with Aegean Airlines and two with RyanAir) and at least one ferry from Piraeus operating by Blue Star Ferries.

"The destination is ready", as the president of the local Association of Hoteliers points out. Last year, about 90 hotels in Santorini remained open all year round and the number was increased in March and November, the months close to the summer season that traditionally lasts from April to October in Greece. This rise in year round hotels has carried along many tourist businesses that also stayed open all year, such as restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, etc.

As the major continues, luckily tourism in Santorini is not only based in the model sea and sun. The special geological formations, the fantastic view to the caldera, archaeological treasures, such as Minoan Akrotiri, the villages with the special architecture, the unique gastronomy and world-famous spicy wine are few factors that can keep attracting visitors to the island all year round.

The target now is to promote even more these special characteristics and organize booking platforms for all the services that are available in Santorini (yacht charter, cruises, transfers, etc), so that visitors can organize their trip sooner.