Antiques moved to National Archaeological Museum

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The beautiful and intriguing antiques which had been shut out to the public since 1999 are now on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. These artifacts, all retrieved from the island of Santorini, were made open to the public yesterday. The 19th century building which houses the museum had been severely damaged in an earthquake due to which the display was closed to the public. Now, after complete restoration, an initiative which cost around 15 million Euros, the collection of fabulous artifacts is open to the public once more. Some of the artifacts included in the collection are Minoan frescoes, stunning murals, which depict daily life in a Minoan society and much more. One particularly famous and magnificent artifact is a bronze statue dated to the Hellenistic period, known as The Lady of Kalymnos. It is dispalyed in the Prehistoric collection of the museum.