Among the top destinations in the world

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In a survey conducted by the international magazine Travel and Leisure, Santorini was voted among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. In fact, the readers of the magazine rated Santorini in the 8th position as for their favourite place in the world to go on holidays and in the 1st position in European level. It is also worth to mention that in 2007 was again the first most favourite destination in Europe, while in 2006 it was the 2nd most favourite destination in the world.  In particular, the rating table goes as above: In global level: 1. Galapagos islands (Ecuador) 2. Bali (Indonesia) 3. Maui (USA) 4. Kauai (USA) 5. Tasmania (Australia) 6. Easter islands (Chile) 7. Hawai (USA) 8 Santorini (Greece) 9. Great Barrier Reef (Australia) 10. Cape Breton (Canada) In European level: 1. Santorini (Greece) 2. Dalmatian islands (Croatia) 3. Sicily (Italia) 4. Ischia (Italy) 5. Cyclades islands, except Santorini (Greece)