Among the best places to propose

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Most women live with the dream to get married and others get a little bit more stressed about the place of the actual proposal. Though it might sound trivial, when it comes to deciding on a location, a map is one thing that will surely get you in bigger trouble. In order to propose, choose a place based on your desires and dreams, for this trip means a lot more than men think. It is a special moment that you will always remember and a romantic story to tell your children. You can pick a romantic destination among thousands around the world. Skyscanner, one of the leading flight search engines in the world, has made a list with the 10 best places to propose and the Greek island of Santorini appears in the 7th position! Among world-classics places to propose, like Paris, New York and Rome, the writer prompts readers to lead your partner by the hand through the narrow passages between the tiny white houses high in the hills of Santorini, where you'll find spectacular views out across the endless blue Aegean Sea from the edge of the volcano crater in Oia. Watch a fiery orange and pink sunset while getting down on one knee and asking your loved one the big question. Certainly this is not the first time that Santorini is picked as a proposal, wedding or honeymoon destination. Being among the most wanna-be places in the world, this impressive Greek island amazes visitors with the natural beauty and the romantic atmosphere.