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Nikos Papantoniou lecture

• Cyclades, Santorini
Nikos Papantoniou, Treasurer Civil Engineer with The Society for the Promotion of the Studies on Prehistoric Thera, will be presenting a lecture at the Bellonio Cultural Center.
Posted on Jul 27, 2005 Category: News

Antiques moved to National Archaeological Museum

• Cyclades, Santorini
The beautiful and intriguing antiques which had been shut out to the public since 1999 are now on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.
Posted on Jun 16, 2005 Category: News

Putin's daughter to get married on Santorini

• Cyclades, Santorini
Russian President Vladimir Putin's daughter is all set to marry on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini.
Posted on Jun 03, 2005 Category: News

Mission to Undersea Volcano

• Cyclades, Santorini
A team of marine experts from the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR) launched an expedition into the uncharted undersea waters of Greece.
Posted on Apr 20, 2005 Category: News

Leading tourist destination for the Australians

• Cyclades, Santorini
Coming fifth on the list of the most popular tourist in the world, which was topped by Paris, Santorini is now a must see for everyone, at least once in their lifetime.
Posted on Feb 18, 2005 Category: News

Volcanic tsunami and the Minoans

• Cyclades, Santorini
The volcanic eruption which occurred on Thera or Santorini, sometime around 1500 BC, located just about 100 kilometers from the island of Crete.
Posted on May 17, 2004 Category: News

Roberts and Moder honeymoon in Santorini

• Cyclades, Santorini
Santorini played host to the honeymoon of Hollywood star Julia Roberts and her husband Daniel Moder.
Posted on Nov 24, 2002 Category: News

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