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New ferry route from Rafina

• Cyclades, Santorini
A new ferry line started on June 19th between the port of Rafina, in northern Athens, and Santorini.
Posted on Jun 23, 2009 Category: News

Pumping the oil of Sea Diamond

• Cyclades, Santorini
Almost two years after the shipwreck of Sea Diamond, the works for the pumping up of the ship's oil started a few days ago.
Posted on May 25, 2009 Category: News

Establishement of university department

• Cyclades, Santorini
The Faculty of Geology of the National University of Athens and the Geological Society of Greece have proposed the establishement of a university department on Santorini to investigate more the special geological elements of the island.
Posted on May 04, 2009 Category: News

Eminences from Forbes Traveler

• Cyclades, Santorini
Santorini, this wonderful Greek island, has been included by the internationally-renowned Forbes Traveler among the 25 sexiest beaches of the world and the 15 most romantic beaches of the Meditarranean Sea.
Posted on Apr 30, 2009 Category: News

More flights by Athens Airways

• Cyclades, Santorini
Along with Olympic Airways and Aegean Airlines, a third Greek airline company, Athens Airways, frequently connects Athens to the island of Santorini.
Posted on Apr 21, 2009 Category: News

Traditions of Good Friday

• Cyclades, Santorini
Easter is gloriously celebrated on Santorini and events climax on Good Friday, the day where the Christians moor for the death of Jesus Christ.
Posted on Apr 13, 2009 Category: News

Ferry slightly crashed on the marina

• Cyclades, Santorini
The ferry boat Aeolos Kenteris II of NEL Lines crashed on the marina of Athinios port, Santorini, while it was trying to deck.
Posted on Mar 27, 2009 Category: News

Volunteers clean the beaches

• Cyclades, Santorini
For the 11th year, the Women's Association of Santorini and the Municipality of Thera organizes a two-day voluntary cleaning of the island's beaches.
Posted on Mar 20, 2009 Category: News

Golden prize for Vinsanto wine

• Cyclades, Santorini
Once more, the wines of Santorini were given many prominences in the 9th International Wine Competition that took place in the beginning of March in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.
Posted on Mar 09, 2009 Category: News

Urban Authority forbids roof replacement

• Cyclades, Santorini
The Urban Authority of Santorini refused to give the necessary licence to the constructing company, so that the replacement of the roof can start. As the authority said, Akrotiri is an archaeological site and construction there is illegal.
Posted on Feb 19, 2009 Category: News

Indian movie filmed in Oia

• Cyclades, Santorini
A few days ago, scenes from the Indian movie Wanted Dead or Alive were filmed in Oia vilage, Santorini.
Posted on Feb 06, 2009 Category: News

Two movies to come by Cinema Club

• Cyclades, Santorini
The Cinema Club of Santorini is presenting two more films in the weekends to come, the American No country for old men and the French Coeurrs.
Posted on Jan 29, 2009 Category: News

Replacement of the roof in Akrotiri

• Cyclades, Santorini
The folder for the construction of the roof in the archaeological site of Akrotiri is finally ready and it will be sent next week in the Urban Authority of Santorini. The project needs at least 18 months to be completed.
Posted on Jan 23, 2009 Category: News

Residents ask to pull up Sea Diamond

• Cyclades, Santorini
A coordinating group of Santorini permanent residents visited yesterday the President of the Greek Republic, Mr Karolos Papoulias, to deliver him their request about pulling up Sea Diamond.
Posted on Jan 14, 2009 Category: News

Santorini enters the recycling program

• Cyclades, Santorini
Since November, Santorini has entered the recycling program. The municipality of Thera put bins all over the island and the residents can from now on recycle paper, glass and metal.
Posted on Dec 30, 2008 Category: News

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