Ross Daly Concert

Jul 27, 2007 — Jul 27, 2007 • Category: Events

Ross Daly and his group Labyrinth will give a concert on July, 27th, 2007, at 9 p.m. The concert will take place in the Open Air Cinema of Kamari village Santorini and is expected to amaze its spectators.
Ross Daly and Labyrinth started as a group in Houdetsi village, Crete, in 1982 and immediately caught the attention of the finest music reviewers from all over the world. Their music is more of an ethnic music and intends to explore the musical traditions of the whole world.
The group has reached the perfect balance between keeping the traditional sources and playing in a way that attracts audiences of all ages. Ross Daly himself was born in England to an Irish family. From a young age, he had the opportunity to travel all over the world and feed his spirit with the typical rhythms of the music styles from the places he visited. That enriching experience encouraged him to experiment with different instruments such as cello, lyre and classical guitar. America, India and Eastern Europe are just a few examples of the sources that helped his talent develop into such a particular music style.
However, one of the most decisive events in his life happened in 1975, when he came to Crete and heard the sound of the Cretan lyra for the first time. He settled in Chania and apprenticed to Kostas Mouzakis, an expert lyra player. Today, he has collaborated with the world’s greatest musicians and has taken part in many important performances. He still gives performances around Greece and abroad and he is the director of the group Labyrinth, which consists of numerous Greek and foreign traditional musical instruments.
His concert on Santorini is organized from Arkadi, the union of Cretans on Santorini, and the ticket costs 20 euros.