Red Bull Art of Motion 2013

Sep 14, 2013 — Sep 14, 2013 • Category: Events
An impressive freerunning event is returning to Santorini for the 3rd time! On September 14th, top freerunners from all the world are meeting to this wonderful island for the Red Bull Art of Motion 2013! As Santorini has turned into a parkour paradise over the last years, organizers decided to repeat the event on this magnificent place.

The last preliminary competition will take place on September 11th and the best athletes will take place in the last competition of Saturday, September 14th, 2013, at 16:00. In total, competitors will be the 18 athletes from last year's competition, the 3 women and 3 men who won the online preliminary contest and also the winners of September 11th. As the competition will take place on open space, visitors to Santorini can easily attend.

This freerunning event will also be screened live at Red Bell TV