Kinisi Festival of Sound, Santorini

Oct 21, 2016 — Oct 23, 2016 • Category: Events

Kinisi Festival of Sound brings together folk musicians and experimental sound artists from Greece and the Balkans to create site-specific installations, performances, and concerts in the volcanic landscapes of Santorini. The hub of the festival will be Venetsano’s Winery and its acoustically resonant canavas, carved from the cliff above the port of Athinios.
Performers: Katerina Tzedaki (acoustic ecologist and composer/Crete), Dzambo Agushevi Orkestar (brass band/FYROM), Yannis Pantazis (tsabouna/Santorini), Igor Čubrilović & Bajke (composer & women’s choir/Serbia), Ivan Shopov (electronic musician/Bulgaria), Kaynak Pipers Band (Gaida ensemble/Bulgaria), RadioKit Collective (soundmapping collective/Serbia), Xristina Kyriakidou (Pontic lyra/Grevena), Stars of Prilep (electronic band/FYROM), Vassilis Triantis and Kostas Karapanos (lauto and violin/Epirus), The SAZE of Elena Gjika (wedding band/Albania).